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Jake Sloan is dedicated to making sure that the important story of the Mare Island Original 21/25 and their contribution to civil rights history becomes more widely know. He is an expert speaker on the topics of African American history and equal employment opportunity in the construction industry.

If you are interested in having Jake Sloan speak at your event or participate in your classroom learning programs about American History, please contact us at [email protected].

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"I had asked [Admiral Honsinger] about the discrimination we were having at Mare Island. We went around a couple of times. One day, he had me in and he said 'Greer, I'm going to go down on the low end of the yard with a fine-tooth comb. If I don't find no discrimination, I'm going to fire you.' So, I looked at him and I said, 'Admiral, you don't have to go down to the low end of the yard. You can go right down the hallway here. It's lily white.'"

— Louis Greer, Mare Island Original 21/25 member



Standing Tall: Willie Long vs. U.S. Government at Mare Island Naval Shipyard
An important, yet long unknown story about the civil rights movement is now brought to life through Jake Sloan’s inspiring firsthand, well-researched account of the courage and activism of a brave group of African American men working at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, California during the 1960s..